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I grew up an orphan and that meant my life, my journey, could have gone anywhere and I would have been a different person based on who or what I was exposed to.  I met Dr. Lorraine Monroe at 14 as a lost wayward teen, but she discovered my potential, and taught me all I needed to know to become the person I would be - for a lifetime...and I am not alone.


At this moment, Lorraine Monroe is fully retired and her current health is such that she does not remember me or anyone outside a few members of her close family that includes her incredible daughter who is taking great care of her. What she told me that she does remember, not places or things or even people, but a feeling, she described: "I miss the work". The work she did to transform children's lives is a feeling, one that she nurtured in countless leaders and educators such as myself. Thus, long ago, with her consent, I took on the torch of her work to continue her legacy and create a home for those who she she has transformed and inspired.


if you have stories, content related to her work, or would simply like to provide your testimonies and comments, you have come to the right place.


Thank you for joining me in celebrating this tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. Lorraine Monroe,


Kalimah Atreyu Priforce